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Wyong, Central Coast, Australia, 2259
Dec 7 (Sagittarius)
About me:
A huge fan of Bucks Fizz almost from the beginning, soon after their Eurovision win in 1981 in which they represented the UK! I met all four original members on their brief visit to Oz in 1982 and was a member of the Bucks Fizz fan club from mid 1983 to early 1985 and still have all of the newsletters from that period. I then sadly lost touch with Bucks Fizz soon after the Decmber '84 coach crash, only finding out online about 7 years ago just what has been happening, not aware until then of the many line up changes that have occurred over last 18 years. I sadly missed their concert tour in Australia in 1989, and Im still not sure why! I have a huge collection of Fizz memorabilia, with albums of pics and photos, many vinyl singes and Fizz lps and most of the cds and a few badges too! I have been a very active member on the Fizz forum for just over 4 years now and recently changed my display name from ozfizz42 to a more appropriate name.
Newcastle, NSW
Favorite Music:
Abba, Bucks Fizz.. PWL/ SAW. many dance and melodic up beat songs...mainly from 80's
Favorite TV Shows:
sci fi tv shows.... Dr Who, Star Trek franchise, Lost In Space and other shows and movies, legal and medical drama shows and some soaps.
Favorite Movies:
Star Trek franchise, classic sci fi, including the Time Machine and Planet of the Apes .. some modern musicals including .. The Sound Of Music, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Grease, Fame, Xanadu , Cant Stop The Music, Flashdance, Footloose and Mamma Mia!
Favorite Books:
none ...except facts!

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